Market Charts

is a highly complex platform that provides curated forex-marketing information to its users in real-time. The data provided here is highly versatile as it can contain anything from trading strategies, economic data, detailed analysis reports from the users, journals, etc. Forex Factory is a free website that provides ​​news, economic data, market analysis, and other services to ​foreign exchange traders​. At the end of the day, Forex Factory is simply more than just a platform to exchange or find new trading strategies. The first thing you need to do is set your time zone by clicking on the time display on the upper right-hand part of the calendar. Doing this is extremely crucial to ascertain the right time of each news event that you will come across on this platform.

If you wish to learn more about this incredible platform then read on to find out how you can use the forex to take yourself to the next level in the trading world. Get the latest fundamental analyses, technical analyses and the most up-to-date Forex news catered to your interests, everyday. Silver closed up on Monday made its intraday high of US$16.14/ounce after setting intraday low …

Market Charts

Keeping this in mind, Forex came up with another invaluable feature for everyone called the Market tab. The Forex Factory calendar can be an invaluable tool for potential traders. However, it is advised to not depend heavily on one tool alone to enter the forex trade market. That you only trade with brokers that are regulated ​in these financial jurisdictions. By observing how prices reacted to each event, we can better understand ​the market’s opinions and expectations.

  • Indicators work by taking into account the volume as well as the price of a selected financial instrument and calculating them to predict where its prices will lead to next.
  • The Forex Factory calendar is said to be one of the most important tools for any Forex trader.
  • Crude futures on Wednesday made an intra‐day high of US$61.55/bbl and made an …
  • Forex Factory provides you with a list of potential brokers who have been vetted by thousands of users.

Finding a trustworthy broker can be a daunting task especially for those who are new to the whole online trading experience. People are often disheartened when they hear stories about how someone got duped from their broker or how complicated and overwhelming the process of trading via an online broker can be. The Forex Factory calendar is said to be one of the most important tools for any Forex trader. To get the most out of this feature, you must first configure the calendar to suit your needs. It does one simple, but critical thing – it lists the Forex brokers that are regulated by the proper financial authorities.

Breaking News

But this alone isn’t noteworthy – there are plenty of websites that offer ​price charts too. I personally keep this ​page open on my trading desktop at all times, so I never miss out on what’s going on in the market. Forex Factory has a ‘Breaking News’ feature that will keep you updated of political and economic developments ​around the world. While there are other websites that offer similar calendars, the one at Forex Factory is the most presentable and offers the best user experience. Despite the great profits it made In the second quarter of the year, shale oil and gas companies are forced to increase operating budgets du… Another positive thing about this journal is that it is stored on a cloud system so you have no risk of losing it as personal logs can be misplaced or lost easily.

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Having like-minded traders interact with you can be a huge morale booster in the long run. These forums can be highly invaluable to a budding trader as these are the instruments that are responsible for keeping Forex Factory deception free.

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​Financial ​regulators like the ones I’ve listed here ​have strict laws that prohibit against any such ​​unethical or unfair brokerage ​practices. The penalties are harsh enough to discourage all but the most foolish brokers from ​thinking about exploiting ​customers for their ​own benefit. forex trading‘s broker section is, in my opinion, one of the most under-appreciated features of the site. Trade Explorer​, and displays the percentage of traders who are long and short on each currency pair.

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By taking advantage of all these features, you can become an expert in trading who knows the ins and outs of their trading investments. Once inside you can start a new journal by clicking on Start New Thread on the top right corner of the screen and start maintaining your ideas, charts, and other relevant information. The app supports all android phones with android version 4 and above and is regularly updated by the Forex Factory app team.

Forex Factory: What It Is And How It Works?

​At the most basic level, the calendar ​highlights the periods when potentially market-moving events are scheduled to occur. ​By knowing ​the schedule of these announcements in advance, you can ​adjust your trades​ ​to ​handle ​​increase​d ​price volatility, or to avoid trading during ​these periods altogether.

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