Uss Express Reviews Of Real Customers

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They were knowledgeable, went beyond our expectations and it was a great experience. The company is very flatly organized, there are very few advancement opportunities and they are very frugal with "merit" raises. Was constantly ignored when recommending things that needed to be changed/fixed. Was given zero direction encouragement when asking how to advance my career. You usually work on your own pace unless something needs immediate attention.

It may get chaotic but there are managers who are ready to help. If you are looking for a part-time job, I would recommend this for you for sure. An excellent service and also because my order was over £29 I did not have to pay postage. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 19 current and former employees whether their manager at USS-UPI helped them succeed. 26% of the respondents said that they strongly agreed that their manager helped them succeed, and 26% said that they agreed. Do people working at USS-UPI have the time and location flexibility they need? Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 19 current and former employees.

Enjoyable Workplace With Excellent Members Of Staff

I work part-time, which allows me to have the second half of the day to my university studies. They are always here for you and helpful. The job requirement itself is a high stress job as I often do not know what my schedule will be. The routing shifts and lack of understanding from management make for a hostile work environment. The job was great with a lot to learn from the old timers that where there .

company reviews uss

Sent a prescription over Thursday evening and received this am Saturday. Uss-Express is an agency that has been around the market for a few years only but managed to gain a loyal base of customers and partners. This is the result of the complete dedication of the company’s workers and experts.

Location & Hours

Additionally, Uss-Express buys goods at lower prices, places them on special platforms, and then sells them at a profitable price. This is one more option how clients can buy goods via Uss Express review without ordering shipping services separately from ordering items. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 12 current and former employees whether their manager at USS helped them succeed.

  • Well, most importantly, the gift was intact.
  • I am working part-time, so I can as well have time for my university studies.
  • If such an option is still relevant for your business, you should learn more about Uss-Express.
  • Both their products and service is GREAT.
  • This is one of the leading shipping companies.

Uss-Express serves not only individuals, who look for cheap branded goods in American stores but large businesses uss express works online. We are very glad that in your specific case there were no issues with the delivery terms.


Uss Express LLC is an international logistic company that makes delivery of goods from US stores fast, cheap, and safe. E-Commerce entrepreneurs may use the international logistic services of the. Uss-Express shippers will use the most effective packing strategies to execute your orders and deliver bulk packages to your warehouses undamaged. Thank you for your review of our company. We are happy to help our partners develop their business, we will be happy to cooperate with you in the future! Please contact us to discuss a personalized discount for our regular small business customer.

Feedback From Our Employees

A solid, reliable company, even though it has been operating in the logistics market for only a few years. I am completely confident in the delivery of my cargo, as I have already made orders for delivery more than once. The goods always arrive at the appointed time, the packaging is not damaged. Before shipment, the company’s specialists check the goods for defects and damage. Thanks to Uss-express, my business is booming.

Uss Insights

The salary suits me, the working time is regulated, a bonus is provided for processing, the leadership is loyal to me, always help if I have difficulties. I work and am very satisfied with your work, I recommend this work to all your friends. The company provides different career opportunities, including part time and remote job.

Work At Uss Express? Share Your Experiences

We are terribly sorry if you experienced issues when working with us, but we cannot let you blame our customers that they are writing fake testimonials. As you should know, this platform verifies the users before submitting their posts. If you have concerns about this, contact us directly, and let’s take the steps to improve your customer experience. It’s not difficult to be the best shipper when you serve the best customers who have clear goals and provide understandable requirements. Thank you for submitting this review here, we appreciate your opinion.

All reviews are published without moderation. Uss-Express is a delivery company that helps clients from all around the world buy and deliver from US shops. Thank you for sharing your experience of cooperating with our company. Your positive testimonials motivate us to grow and develop. As a worker of Uss-Express, you must know that we set only the highest goals for our company.

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